A Letter From Our CEO

Life has many lessons, one of the greatest is that time passes quickly. In the blink of an eye, kids are leaving home to start lives of their own, the needs of the loved ones that took care of us are shifting, and the world around us is constantly changing. Birthdays and anniversaries are a way of helping us remember the best of our lives’ journeys.

This year marks a very special time in the story of Caswell Family Medical Center, Inc. To some, it will seem like just yesterday when the only doctor in town was retiring. A group of community leaders (many of whom are still very active in our community today) gathered to develop a solution capable of surviving the tests of time. A solution that would ensure access to medical care for Caswell residents, including the most vulnerable who didn’t have health insurance or couldn’t afford to see a doctor through traditional means. This is when CFMC was born in 1978 40 years ago.

Caswell Cares is a campaign that was developed to help our community remember the answer to the question of ‘who is Caswell County?’ The tapestry that has bound our community together for generations has been a sense of caring and concern for the wellbeing of our family, friends and neighbors.

In keeping with the theme of Caswell Cares, our Board of Directors and I hope that you will consider joining us as we start our celebration with ‘$40 for 40’. Individuals are asked to make a contribution of $1 for each of the 40 years that CFMC has served our community. All those that contribute will be voicing their commitment to seeing that CFMC maintain its mission and growth through such programs as our Sliding Fee Scale, Medication Assistance Program, and the Neighborhood Assistance Program. Between now and June, the names of those that contribute will be collected and memorialized on a canvas to be installed in the Medical Center’s lobby that will be unveiled as part of the annual Family Fun Day event to be held again this year on August 22, 2018.

Will you please support us?

To give your gift today online by credit card or paypal, please keep reading.

William B. Crumpton
Chief Executive Officer


What is 40 for 40?

CFMC was built on a foundation of community support. This is something that isn’t unique in Caswell but is unique about Caswell. The people of Caswell have always stepped up in times of need to help their neighbors, family, and friends.

It is this spirit of community that CFMC sought to recognize when launching the CASWELL CARES campaign. Taking CASWELL CARES one step further, we hope that you will help us celebrate our community’s legacy by donating $1 for each of the 40 years CFMC has been hard at work.

$40 For 40 Years of Service
We are reaching out to you for support. CFMC will continue to provide excellent healthcare to our community with your gift of $40. This generous gift will go a long way in helping us reach our goal of $10,000.
What $40 Can Do
Your $40 contribution will stay 100% local and could make a significant difference in the life of your family and neighbors. The money raised will be used to continue the programs and services that our community has come to depend on, as well as provide resources from which we can grow.
How Can I Help?
Individuals who contribute by June 1, 2018, will be recognized on a permanent display in CFMC’s waiting room. To make your tax-deductible contribution online, continue below, or mail your contribution to the address listed.

Keep reading to find out more about the 40 for 40 Campaign and how you can send your gift to change a life.



In the mid-1970’s, a group of concerned citizens saw the communities need for local, quality health care. In April 1978 their vision led to a groundbreaking for what would come to be known as Caswell Family Medical Center (CFMC). Even though forty years have passed, the historic mission of the organization remains true: ensuring access to medical care for everyone in the community, including the uninsured and the underinsured.

Over time, additional services have been added to improve the quality of life for those who live, work and visit in Caswell County.

CFMC has served over 5,400 residents with over 24,100 medical visits since 2016.

The care received by these members of our community include services such as:

  • Primary, specialty, and urgent care medical services for the whole family, including diagnostic labs and x-rays.
  • Acceptance of all insurances, including Medicare and Medicaid, and offers sliding scale fees for those without insurance who cannot afford their copays or deductibles.
  • House-Calls program providing bedside primary care for chronic disease management to home-bound patients.
  • Neighborhood Relief Fund providing patients with emergency access to assist with prescription copays, gas cards, or other financial support in critical situations.
  • Cancer Relief Fund providing financial and other supportive services to residents of Caswell County, NC affected by cancer – even those that may not be patients of CFMC.
  • Prescription Assistance Program providing access to free brand-name prescription medications directly from pharmaceutical companies.
  • ACA Outreach and Enrollment Assistance to help individuals understand, navigate, and enroll in insurance options available through the Health Insurance Marketplace.



Caswell Family Medical Center is here for you, our friends, family, and neighbors. Read what the community is saying about CFMC!

Bryan Miller
We have such great partners like Caswell Family Medical Center that are really providing new and unique opportunities to the residents of Caswell.
Bryan MillerCaswell County Manager
Annie Martinie
CFMC is a rare organization that provides patient-centered care. They strive to overcome those big barriers that folks have to access healthcare around social or economic issues. They have been huge in trying to develop innovative solutions for these challenges.
Annie MartinieDanville Regional Foundation
James Kim
I am grateful that our church’s food pantry has partnered with CFMC to provide holistic services to the community and those in need. They care about expanding health care access to everyone. I am inspired by CFMC to continue to serve the people in our community.
James KimPastor, Shady Grove Methodist Church
Nikki and Brad Bettis
Caswell Family Medical Center is important to us because it gives us our own place to go for healthcare right here in our community. It makes everything a lot more convenient for us. We are the parents of 14 children, so having healthcare accessible to us right here in Caswell is huge.
Nikki and Brad BettisOwners, Busy Bee Coffee Company
Patti OKeefe
In the years that I have been at the Messenger, I have noticed just how much CFMC cares about the community. They have added a new generator that will be a lifeline to provide electricity for life-sustaining equipment during a major power outage. This generator allows Caswell Family to be a special needs shelter during the hardest of times. They have also opened an urgent care facility for patients that wish to be seen quickly for a medical problem when they don’t have an appointment. In addition, they have updated their radiology equipment, added a pediatrician, Dr. Maggie Martin, and a psychiatric nurse practitioner, Dr. Connie Robinette. Now local patients will not have to travel outside the county for these services.
Patti OKeefeEditor, Caswell Messenger
Sylvia Banks
Since 1978, the Caswell Family Medical Center has provided healthcare to families here in the community of Caswell. The Center has continued to maintain excellence in health services. My mother had Alzheimer’s and was a patient here 20 years ago, She was treated with compassion, integrity, and kindness. CFMC has continued to provide quality healthcare and their staff is wonderful.
Sylvia BanksRetired Volunteer

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Please consider making a donation of $40 for our 40 years of service. Your gift will go into helping our community break down more barriers to health care and allow us to assist those in need, whether it be medical care, transportation to and from CFMC or other healthcare facilities, medication assistance, or other healthcare needs they may have.

We appreciate your gift!

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Anybody who succeeds is helping people. The secret to success is to find a need and fill it; find a hurt and heal it; find a problem and solve it. – Robert H. Schuller