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Caswell Students Invited to Lead

The deadline is this week for local Caswell students in middle school, high school, and college to apply for Caswell’s Youth Council, a collaborative project born from Healthy Spaces conversations hosted by the Caswell Chapter of The Health Collaborative.
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The Council will begin gathering virtually in June and will spend the summer co-creating a collaborative space where they will learn, lead, and hopefully laugh together, as decision-makers. The resulting focus and subsequent work of the Council will be determined by the priorities set by Council members. Founding Council members will be appointed for an initial 12-month term and receive a quarterly stipend for their participation and expertise.
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Council members will be selected based on the following parameters:
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  • Ideal candidates are eager to play an active role in their community and demonstrate leadership potential along with a willingness to work collaboratively.
  • Successful candidates are inquisitive and will engage with integrity.
  • Additionally, Council members will be selected with intention to ensure the creation of a diverse council, truly representative of our community’s youth.
  • As a matter of priority, the Council will be expected to reach consensus as to “community norms,” the ground rules that guide how Council members agree to show up in the collaborative space they create. Civil, constructive, age-appropriate dialogue, even across difference, is foundational.
  • Candidates must submit at least one community reference at the time of application. References may be provided by an educator, member of clergy, or other community partner.
  • Members must remain in good standing with their referring agency and anyone under the age of 18 may only participate with permission of their parent or guardian.
  • Individuals registered with the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations’ Sex Offender Registry will not be allowed to serve as Members or chaperones.

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For more information on the background, development, and community partner involvement, please see this full Program Packet.  More concise information regarding applying, or referring can be found on THIS FLYER. If you have questions or concerns regarding accessibility or eligibility, please contact Shannon Moretz at [email protected] or 336-694-9331, ext 221.