Caswell Cares

Welcome to Caswell Cares

Everyone wants to be a part of a community that thrives. Caswell County, NC is full of people with inspiration, conviction, and hope for a better tomorrow. The “Caswell Cares” campaign is all about bringing out the potential in everyone around the community to make our county the best it can be. Here, you will see and hear multiple members of our community voice their opinions, ideas, memories, and visions for the future of Caswell County. You will also find information about valuable resources within our community whose focus is the care and concern for Caswell County residents.

Most of us want the same things from our community. Safe from violence, a thriving economy, activities for all ages, and most importantly, a healthy place free from illness. We want neighborhoods that work well together and are alive. We want a place that cares!


This is what Caswell Cares is all about. Each individual should take pride in their community and care about one another. Once this happens, barriers can be broken! It all begins with you.

Caswell County has great potential, but without an involved healthy community, it’s difficult to reach the potential we know is there. The numbers for the state of the county speak volumes.


To obtain the dream that we can live in a community where differences are celebrated, where each individual has something to eat, jobs are available that produce enough money that everyone lives without worrying about paying their next bill, schools are safe and welcoming, children are protected and nurtured, and members of the community prosper and live a full, healthy life.

You don’t have to be rich, you don’t have to be a leader in the community. All you need is a voice that lets others know you care about your community. We’ve made it simple for you to start just by placing a sign in your yard, or a sticker on your windshield or place of business.


Tell the story of your community to drive change and improvement within Caswell County and surrounding areas. Improve the quality of life for you and your neighbors by starting with the simple act of caring for one another.

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